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The financial mechanism of the European Economic Area

Project HyPoKraT – Hydrothermal Potential Krapinske Toplice, ref. No 50.



Program: „Energy and Climate Change Program“

Call for Project Proposal: „Tehnical documentation for geothermal energy“

Project name: Project HyPoKraT – Hydrothermal Potential Krapinske Toplice, ref. No 50 

Coordinator of project: Krapina-Zagorje County

Project partners: AP Consulting, Municipality of Krapinske Toplice, North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA), Norwegian Research Centre (NORCE) 

Financing: EEA and Norway Grants, EEA Grants | About financial mechanisms



Project description:

Through the implementation of the HyPoKraT project, Krapina-Zagorje County and the municipality of Krapinske Toplice, with the help and mutual cooperation of local and Norwegian experts, will describe and quantify the geothermal potential in the area of the municipality and create project proposals and other relevant documentation for the implementation of geothermal potential in order to improve energy efficiency and increase production renewable energy.

Through the HyPoKraT project, the County will create technical documentation and analyzes that will demonstrate the justification of investments in the development of geothermal projects for energy needs in the municipality of Krapinske Toplice. Furthermore, the created documentation will enable the assessment of investments in technical equipment and the implementation of geothermal energy on existing heating systems. Also, the overall positive and negative aspects of the implementation of the geothermal project will be analyzed in the organizational, financial, social, economic and ecological sense, which will play a key role in the decision-making process during the initiation, realization and investment and the success of the implementation of infrastructure works for the purpose of exploitation of geothermal lead to the heating needs of public buildings and residential buildings in the municipality.

The temperature of the surface springs is 39-41°C with a flow of 81.6 l/s, while the temperature of the KRT-1 well is 56-60°C with a hydrothermal fluid flow of up to 30 l/s. Considering the already positive experiences of using geothermal water for the needs of the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation and the Aquae Vivae water park, the County, which owns the Hospital, together with the Municipality wants to explore and define all geothermal potential for heating and agrothermal purposes. In addition to the application of geothermal energy in building construction, the County wants to use geothermal energy for heating purposes, agricultural industry for greenhouse production of fruits and vegetables around the municipality of Krapinske Toplice.

Based on the calculated thermodynamic results of using the KRT-1 well, it is possible to build a thermal station with a power of 4081 kW, which would provide the possibility of heating approximately 58,301 m2 of space. From an environmental point of view, the use of geothermal energy is more favorable than the use of gas. If we take into account that geothermal energy emits 23 grams per kWh of CO2, while natural gas emits 220 g/kWh of CO2, the comparison results in a ratio of 1:9.565 in favor of geothermal energy when emitting CO2.

The revitalization of the well and the production of geothermal fluid could increase the capacity of thermal energy in the area of Krapinske Toplice for future potential consumers. Using geothermal energy for heating purposes eliminates the gas component. In the area of Krapinske Toplice, the geothermal production of the KRT-1 well would save the purchase of gas for heating needs in the amount of HRK 4,152,667.00 on an annual basis (heating season). The geothermal potential could also be used for agrothermal purposes by heating 12 greenhouses, with a total area of 12,000 m2.

The study and technical documentation developed as part of the project will become the basis for the initiation of further research activities prescribed by the Hydrocarbons Act for obtaining rights for research space. After completing all the obligations of the investigation phase, the investor can request an exploitation permit, which is the basis for the construction of heating plants for the final use of geothermal energy.

Activities, objectives and expected results of the project

During the HyPoKraT project, the following actions and activities are planned: Analysis and interpretation of available 2D seismic profiles and available borehole data, Magneto telluric measurements of potential locations, Geochemical measurements and analysis of surface water, 3D modeling of a geothermal aquifer with simulation of geothermal water production, Geological-geophysical analysis and interpretation of the geothermal potential of the area of the municipality of Krapinske Toplice, oil-mining project for the testing and overhaul of the KRT-1 well, Conceptual project for the use of geothermal energy for the heating needs of industrial, public and medical-tourism buildings and facilities of the municipality of Krapinske Toplice, Feasibility study and CBA analysis of the geothermal project for the heating needs of the municipality of Krapinske Toplice and the Elaboration of Environmental Protection evaluations on the need to assess the impact on the environment of the overhaul and testing of the KRT-1 well (OPUO). The created project documentation will directly contribute to the establishment of installed capacities for the use of energy from renewable sources, and through communication activities, it will contribute to strengthening the capacity for management and promotion of renewable energy sources. Namely, in the project, through workshops and other channels of visibility, the project will address the target groups, mostly the citizens of the municipality, but also experts and young people. Especially young people, pupils and students, will be encouraged to get an education in the field of sustainable development through targeted workshops.


The main goal of the project is to increase energy production from renewable sources, reduce CO2 emissions and increase security of supply. In this regard, this means creating technical (project) documentation for the use of geothermal energy for future geothermal projects in the Municipality of Krapinske Toplice with the purpose of increasing energy production with lower carbon emissions and increased security of supply.


The specific goals of the project are related to investigative actions and activities, that is, measurements, analyzes and interpretations of geological, geophysical and geochemical data for the purpose of determining the geothermal aquifer. Furthermore, the specific goal of the project is the creation of a 3D model of a geothermal body with a simulation of the production of geothermal water for economic purposes, that is, for the heating needs of the medical-rehabilitation complex on the territory of the Municipality.


The obtained results of the research of geothermal fluids in the wider area of Krapinske Toplice will directly benefit the local self-government unit. Furthermore, all the documentation (elaborations, studies and projects) will serve the current and future municipal administration for the purpose of further development of geothermal projects with the aim of using the natural potential and sustainable development of the city with the increase of renewable energy production. The direct effects of the project are the creation of technical documentation for the use of geothermal energy, which will enable an increase in the use of renewable energy sources in the municipality of Krapinske Toplice, and improved implementation capacities of the Project Applicants and Partners through study trips with the aim of providing advice and providing examples of good practice that will be held in cooperation with expert Partner 4 from Norway. In this way, the goals of the bilateral direct result are achieved.

Total budget: 254.373,43 €

Co-financing budget: 216.217,42 €

Project implementation period: May 23, 2022 – September 1, 2023




The project “HyPoKraT – Hydrothermal Potential Krapinske Toplice, reference number 50” is worth €254.373,43 €, of which €216.217,42 in grants are financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA financial mechanism for the period 2014-2021 within the “Energy and Climate Change” Program. The goal of the project is to increase energy production from renewable sources, reduce CO2 emissions and increase security of supply.

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